Internet of Trees


Web Monitoring

Check on the status of each Fire Ranger on the map of our mobile-friendly web application.

Environmental Sensing

The Fire Ranger can measure smoke particles per million, temperature variations, and it can also detect fire using an infrared sensor.

Energy Efficient

To improve battery life to up to 2 years, the Fire Ranger makes an efficient power management.

Lora or GSM Connectivity

Wherever there is cellular coverage, the Fire Ranger can connect to the Internet using a cellular data SIM card. Where there is not, the Fire Ranger uses Low Power - Wide Area radio technologies (LPWANs).


What is the maximum area that can be covered by one Fire Ranger module?

A/ The Fire Ranger can detect smoke coming from distances of 20 meters or less. The infrared sensor works at short distances (5 meters).

How is the Fire Ranger connected to the internet?

A/ In areas where there is cellular coverage available the Fire Ranger connects to the internet using a SIM card. Where there is not, the Fire Ranger connects using Long Range - Low Power Radio Technologies (LPWan).

How long can the Fire Ranger work without replacing its battery?

A/ Two years.


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